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Macaron Masterclass.

So making Macarons can be anything short of a total nightmare. Everything can make them fail. So, I wanted to spend the next week working on some tips and tricks to hopefully make this tricky but yummy cookie, work for you.

First of all, CupcakeJemma on Youtube has a great video to explain the process of making cookies.

Flag Day


“America’s Flag Day marks the Second Continental Congress’s adoption of the first U.S. national flag on June 14, 1777.  The first flag featured the same 13 red and white stripes we see today.  However, the number and arrangement of stars have changed as the number of states has increased over the centuries.

Grandmas old fashioned Tea Cakes.


This image reminded me so much of Grandma outside digging in her garden every time the weather was nice. I want to share one of my Grandmas favorite recipes, Tea Cakes. Tea Cakes differ based on what part of the world, some places they are actual cakes,

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