The Cookie Cutter Shop

We have everything you need to help you create the most original and fun shapes for your cookies, carve your favorite fruit or even have great looking Christmas tree ornaments. How about using our cookie cutters to make unique cookie wedding favors or, making sandwiches, fudge, pancakes, pie crust decorations and meat and cheese appetizers in delightful forms with cute cookie cutters.

Wonderful customers, like you, choose again and again for their baking and crafting projects. We have one of the largest cookie cutter inventories on the web. There is always something for everyone!

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Doilies to Doorknobs

Looking for a cookie cutter to pick up?

We now have a large section of cookie cutters at Doilies to Doorknobs in Downtown Stanwood, WA. Visit their facebook page for more information.

8713 271st St NW, Stanwood, WA 98292