Flag Day


“America’s Flag Day marks the Second Continental Congress’s adoption of the first U.S. national flag on June 14, 1777.  The first flag featured the same 13 red and white stripes we see today.  However, the number and arrangement of stars have changed as the number of states has increased over the centuries.

Cactus Cookies!

These are beautiful cookies, aren’t they? Wow, I am amazed at the talent of the bakers who send us these pictures.

Cactus’s always remind me of spiciness. Like, if they were alive they would be feisty and spicy and a little sassy. So I got to thinking..What kind of cookies would make great cactus cookies?

Grandmas old fashioned Tea Cakes.


This image reminded me so much of Grandma outside digging in her garden every time the weather was nice. I want to share one of my Grandmas favorite recipes, Tea Cakes. Tea Cakes differ based on what part of the world, some places they are actual cakes,

Nurse Cookies.


These are so pretty. The bandages are the best.

Check out our Facebook page for some fun facts about Nursing. Do not forget that on June 13th we post this months new contest!

Have you ever made cookies using cake mix?

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