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Teacher Appreciation Day 3!


Day 3 of Celebrating our Teachers!

So today we are SIMPLY happy that our teachers are doing such a great Job. The Idea Room has an amazing idea where you take ANY Simply Lemonade product and attach a cute little note that says ”

Teacher Appreciation Week Day 2!


One of the easiest ways to send a gift is in a mason jar. When you take a mason jar and add a cookie mix to the jar and add a cute cookie cutter, you have a home made, beautiful gift.

Southern Living gave me the idea one day to make a massive batch of my favorite sugar cookie mix to give to the staff at my youngest’s school.

Teacher Appreciation Week Day 1.


Today Marks Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to make a new post each day with a new cookie idea for teachers.

With Remote learning our teachers need more love then usual. Today I want to share the cutest idea for making Crayon Cookies for teachers.

10 Things I wish I knew…


I do not know about you but when you are learning to decorate cookies it can create a lot of frustration when you are first learning. So I wanted to show you some tips and tricks about decorating to hopefully make your time decorating…that much more fun.