Mini Fluted Conversation Heart Cookies


I do not know about you but when I hear Valentine’s Day I automatically think Conversation Hearts. I LOVE being able to eat them and read the messages. I think this Mini Fluted Heart 1’5 inch Cookie Cutter would make AMAZING conversation heart cookies. Well,

Denim Back Pocket Cookie Cutter.


Have you seen the Denim Back Pocket Cookies that are floating around the internet? Sweet SugarBelle has some beautiful cookies made using an upside down house as the back pocket. Here at The Cookie Cutter Shop we have an actual back pocket that you can use for this project.

Valentines Day Sandwich Cookies.


With Valentines day coming soon, I wanted to share a classic recipe. This recipe is for Sandwich Cookies. Check out All Recipes HERE to see this recipe and add it to your collection.

Check out our huge collection of Valentines Day Cookie Cutters HERE to see what your collection is missing.