Sugar Cookies

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Southern Living has a great recipe for Sugar Cookies that will help you create a great base for your Royal Icing and Decorations.

“Homemade sugar cookies deliver a personal touch that no store-bought dough can replicate. Luckily, making this dough is just as quick and easy as driving to the grocery store to pick up a package of slice-n’-bakes. Make this sugar cookie dough ahead of time and store a disk in your freezer for a quick cookie swap solution or last-minute bake sale treat.It’s important to chill your dough before rolling out and before baking to ensure that the cookies will keep their shape. You’ll also want to ensure that, when you roll out the dough, the thickness is even all around (we recommend rolling to 1/4-inch thickness—don’t be afraid to use a ruler). If your dough’s thickness is uneven, the cookies’ bake times will vary and the surfaces will slope, causing difficulty in piping decorations. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your cookies have time to cool completely before decorating.These sugar cookies provide the ideal canvas for decorating with Royal Icing; just cut the cookies into festive shapes and decorate as you please. From stunning Christmas cookies to spooky Halloween cookies, the possibilities are endless”

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If you go to the Southern Living website HERE, you will be able to get tips and tricks on how to decorate sugar cookies like a professional. Every day this week we are going to high light some basic tips and tricks for those needing some additional help learning.

Happy Baking!

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